Free Cover Letter Samples and Writing Tips to Get the Job

Free Cover Letter Samples and Writing Tips to Get the Job


A good cover letter is a sure way to get the job if it’s written masterfully. Some people think all that is necessary is to find some cover letter examples for job they want to get, change some factual details and names, and send it in, thinking that it’s a mere formality and an addition to a resume. And thinking this type of document doesn’t matter and that they are hardly ever read is a grievous mistake that can cost you that job position you’re so eager to get.

Below, we’ve got sample letters for some popular jobs so that you can see what should be included to promote yourself in the best way possible.

Finally, we can offer you to leave it all to us. If you are not sure you can put all our tips to good use and produce a competitive cover letter or are simply pressed on time and can’t allow experimenting and testing it out, that’s when we come into play. Our skilled writers are familiar with the jobs listed below and have experience working in HR departments, so they know exactly what your potential employer will focus on and what an effective paper should be like. We have various packages if you need other documents to apply for a job as well, and the shortest deadline is only 24 hours. If your job is not listed in the cover letter examples below, contact us to clarify if we can satisfy your request.


Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

An administrative assistant job is all about being responsible, well-organized, and resourceful. Hence, your potential employer wants to see those qualities by reading your cover letter for administrative position. The full list of job duties and desired skills depends, of course, on the company you are applying for. So, while it is never a good idea to use the same paper more than once, only changing the company’s and recipient’s names, it is especially not so with an administrative assistant.

Depending on the job description, you may be expected to have a certain diploma, while there are companies where you can be easily hired without that. Also, if some specific software is mentioned in the opening, you should make sure not to miss the chance of including it in your cover letter for admin assistant. Otherwise, list the programs you are most skilled with that can help you to perform your job, like scheduling software, MS Office, MS Excel, and so on. Lists help a hiring officer to locate the skills they value and improve the readability of a document.

Use the body paragraphs in a similar fashion, mentioning whatever you can from the job opening but without making it look like you just copied it. Otherwise, not only will it look suspicious and make an employer doubt everything you have written, but you will not be able to cover some skills that are not addressed but may be considered as a great advantage over other candidates.

It’s important to mention your achievements from previous jobs if they are fit to be in your cover letter for administrative job. If there are those things that can be measured and you can provide exact figures of what improvement you introduced, be sure to write those. Numbers always draw attention and speak better than some vague words about how you made things better.

Check the administrative assistant cover letter sample below to see how everything should fit together to help you make a strong case of being an exceptional candidate. This is your chance to write a personal story showing how you got into that business, what drives you, and why you are a valuable employee. And it all has to flow really well to create a good impression.

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Example


Teacher Cover Letter

There’s hardly a better way to express your passion for teaching than by writing a cover letter for teachers. Since employers usually prefer those candidates they can be sure are going to stick with the job for many years, they are especially demanding and may not be that easy to convince. By reading a sample cover letter from a teacher with experience, you will see that it is easier to promote yourself when you have been previously employed in a similar position.

Easier, but not completely effort-free, mind you. First of all, you will likely not be the only one trying to get the job. And with other jobseekers boasting their employment records and achievements, you really have to write the most compelling story possible without overdoing it. Besides, your employer may be curious about the reason why you want to or have left your previous job. No need to dwell on that here, you’ll be able to explain the situation during an interview, and only if asked.

If you check examples of cover letters for teachers, you will learn what you should use this limited space for instead. It’s best if you center things on the institution you are applying for a job at, making it clear what you find so attractive about it and how your expertise can be used for its benefits. To make an appealing case, you will need to do some research about the school and reflect it in your writing. This can be both used to show that you did your homework and to detect and bring forward certain things that connect your views on education and the practices of the school.

It’s also a proper approach if you have not been employed as a teacher before. Surely, teacher cover letters are the ones where your education can and even should be mentioned, even though you will definitely have it on your resume. Talk about how you came to realize you wanted to become a teacher, what you found fascinating about this job during your education, and why you would like the specific institution to be your first place of work involving teaching.

As you will see from a teacher cover letter sample, you should end by thanking the person for reading and by expressing a wish to meet or talk about something, like some of the school programs or your own teaching experience that requires more time and space to share. You can also inform a hiring manager about when you are available and which forms of communication are preferable.

Teacher Cover Letter Sample

 Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Graphic Designer Cover Letter

Unlike other job positions, a graphic designer cover letter is subject to scrutiny on a whole other level. For any other job, it’s enough to fill a template with relevant details, keeping the right tone, of course, and using appropriate language.

However, one cannot just find some graphic designer cover letter sample, paste his or her text, and consider it done. Considering the nature of the job, an employer will expect you to customize not only what this document says but also how it looks. If you pull it off, it will be a major plus, and it also grants you an additional chance to make your letter noticeable and memorable. Once you’ve discovered a design you want to run with, make sure to use it for any other attached documents as well. Such branding will add weight to any skills and experience you choose to list.

You should, of course, consult graphic designer cover letter examples first to see how far you can go with your creativity, as there are certain rules and boundaries you should not cross. Otherwise, you are risking by leaving a bad impression and not even getting your letter read. Now, what should you write once you’ve figured out how to style your graphic designer cover letter?

You need to promote yourself without making it seem like you are bragging. So, if you have some names, either of people or companies you have worked for, or of projects you contributed to, only mention those that your employer is most likely to know. Also, pick those which suit the job and serve as examples what you could be doing on your new place of work.

However, it may not always be very clear from the job description what exactly you will be working on, and even if it is, always strive to create an image of a well-rounded graphic designer who can take on various tasks. Sometimes, those may be only remotely related to graphic design, yet an employer may like the idea that he or she can rely on you to do some small task and give preference to you over other candidates. It may be anything, from mentioning that you enjoy photography and can take decent photos to being able to write a short product review. Ideally, of course, you should not just be listing everything that you have ever done, but those achievements that were recognized by your previous company or won some reward in a competition. Either way, show how useful you can be.

Finally, do not forget to include your portfolio. Let an employer see what you’re capable of with his/her own eyes. Do so even if you have not been working as a graphic designer before. Without a portfolio, there is no point in writing any of this, so make some projects just to practice and demonstrate your skills or actually take some orders on freelance platforms to earn real experience.

Graphic Designer Cover Letter Example

Graphic Designer Cover Letter Example

Nursing Cover Letter

You can adhere to the writing guide we have mentioned at the very beginning because preparing a cover letter for nursing job follows the same principles that all others do. Basically, the main difference in this document is the skill set and examples from your previous place of work or other activities you will bring up to prove your fitness for a position. All the formatting, font requirements, and overall look will be the same. Now, let’s look closer at the key elements nursing cover letters should have.

Start with the letterhead at the top of the page. Your name should come first, big and beautiful. On the next lines, write your contact details. A common practice is to put a separating line after the letterhead.

After that, write the date, name of the recipient or the company, and their address. While your letterhead can be placed in the center of the page, and will actually look better like that, this part should always be aligned along the left-hand margin.

Next comes the salutation, addressed to a particular person. Ideally, you should have a name to write here, so check everything you can or call to identify whose eyes are likely to be reading your cover letter for nursing position. Starting with some outdated impersonal cliches should be your last resort, as it will significantly decrease the chances of anyone reading the text any further.

Briefly say who you are and share the reason you are writing this which is to be hired for a certain job. If you found out about an opening thanks to someone your employer knows or due to participating in some program, you should mention it. Otherwise, such information would be redundant.

After that, use a couple of paragraphs to list your experience, field of expertise, and achievements. Make it evident what positive effects your work had and how it can mean even more for the job you are competing for. You should also do some research on your potential working place and use some things it’s known for to tie with your future plans and objectives. You’ll have a better understanding of how it can be done the best after reading some nurse cover letters samples.

Use the final paragraph to express gratitude, as well as hopes to discuss certain issues or readiness to answer any questions. Write a closing fitting the overall tone; “Best regards,” “Respectfully,” or “Sincerely” will work just fine. Last comes your signature.

Nurse Cover Letters Sample

Nurse Cover Letters Sample

Cover Letter for Accounting

Having a cover letter for accounting job is as important as for any other profession. And although there may be different sets of skills and responsibilities required for different jobs and at different companies, a well-prepared letter is always a must. You can use the basic rules of writing such a document for guidance and see accounting cover letter examples to analyze how they should be applied in practice. For now, let’s check some tips that will improve your paper but may not always be obvious.

Start off with greeting a person responsible for hiring and state the position which interests you. This is not simply because accounting is associated with various job titles that require different responsibilities, but to make sure your letter gets where it needs to right away, without the risk of being lost somewhere on its way.

As always, your qualifications should be supported by your achievements, and it’s best when you have some numbers to show that. Luckily, an accounting job is basically about numbers, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty coming up with a few examples of how you helped to decrease a company’s spending or positively affect its income.

Whether you are an experienced accountant or looking for your first job in this sphere, listing courses you have completed will be a great addition to a cover letter for accounting. This way, your employer will see that you are eager to expand your knowledge and learn new skills.

The final paragraph should be contributed to you thanking the reader, voicing once again why a company could use your services, and inviting to get in touch with you either to ask additional questions or to discuss details of your future cooperation. An accountant cover letter example will teach you how it can be done.

Accounting Cover Letter Example

Accounting Cover Letter Example

Customer Service Cover Letter

It would seem that writing customer service cover letters is no big deal since this is an important job, and obviously, many companies require such specialists all the time. However, it also means that there are many candidates, some with outstanding resumes. You may be one of them, but you also need a fantastic presentation to beat the competition.

Another reason why many people don’t pay writing it enough attention is because they think there’s nothing special to say about their skills as an accountant. Everyone will definitely list communication skills, patience, reserve, ability to think fast and efficiently deal with troublesome situations. However, that will not be enough for the best customer service cover letter you can have. Because everyone will write all that, and you definitely need to mention those skills as well, you need to compose it so that a hiring officer will give preference to you.

This can be done by mentioning certain achievements and measurable experience, which will make your skills shine and show examples that speak to your (hopefully) new employer. Having any figures to reflect that would be invaluable, and those will make an impression for certain.

Now, let’s get to some things which are not discernible from reading customer service cover letter samples. There are some keywords that will greatly increase the attractiveness of your case to an employer. To find those, look carefully at the job description and scan it for specific words describing skills and responsibilities an employer listed as primary. Incorporate them into your letter and make them part of your story.

Besides that, feel free to include skills and experiences which may not be directly related to customer service yet may come in handy in your work. This will show that you are an experienced person who knows what can be needed to satisfy customers and distinguish you due to things other applicants don’t have in their letters.

Also, don’t neglect to proofread and ask your friends, relatives, or current colleagues to read it and share what they think of it. Perhaps, they will point out some typo or inconsistency you missed or say if your tone needs to be fixed in any way.

Customer Service Cover Letter Sample

Customer Service Cover Letter Sample

Get the Job with Quality Writing

If you failed (not your fault) to discover your job among the free cover letter examples present here, you can still use the writing tips from our linked article to complete your application. After all, general requirements remain the same, and even by looking through samples for jobs other than yours, you can extract some very useful details. The main difference comes with the letter contents which will be composed based on responsibilities a certain job requires.

In case you doubt your ability to gather all the necessary details and present them in the best manner to promote yourself, you can contact us to take care of it for you. Our experienced writers excel at presenting jobseekers in the best light, without missing any crucial stuff out of shyness or sounding overconfident to the point of being rejected. So, to guarantee your letter has none of those mistakes or don’t have time to rewrite it multiple times, striving to reach perfection, our expertise is at your convenience. If you need high-quality writing at an affordable price, then the Resume101 cover letter writing service is the answer to your problem.

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