Tips and Cover Letter Examples for Customer Service

Tips and Cover Letter Examples for Customer Service

Most any business you can think of will require some sort of customer service. And that’s good news since you can find an opening and assist people in any industry you want. You should be ready, however, to face the fact that you will not be the only one interested in that position. That’s why you must be looking for tips on writing or a place to get the best customer service cover letter. Luckily for you, we can offer both.

Our company employs writers and HR managers specializing in various fields, including customer service, so they can answer the question “What is a customer service job?” better than anyone. If you have a cover letter you would like our experts to review, they can do that, as well as write you a completely new cover letter that is sure to get you an interview and, subsequently, a job. 

For writing your application documents by yourself, check these simple cover letter examples for customer service first.

customer service cover letter sample
What Is a Customer Service Job?

It’s one thing how you understand a customer service job, and it’s entirely different what it means according to your employer. Granted, there are some key responsibilities that will be the same wherever you apply for this position. However, to be able to display the skills and knowledge a company is looking for, you should carefully read a customer service job description. Try to include as many keywords from it in your cover letter without making it clumsy and unbearable to read. Naturally, only borrow those skills you do have in one way or another.

If you are new to customer service as a full-time job, try to write about an experience that was similar to what is required and show that you are willing to get new skills. If some particular software is mentioned, you can show that you are familiar with other programs which have a lot in common and will help you find your way around those used at the company.

How to Write a Cover Letter for Customer Service

There are certain rules for cover letters, and they will be pretty much the same for a customer service position. The cover letter examples for customer service you can see above will give you an idea what the general look should be. Now, let’s make sure you are not missing any important aspects of writing a proper cover letter.

While you should keep the font simple throughout the whole document, perfect size being 10 to 14 points, you can make it larger for the heading. Write your name at the very top, but choose one of the classical fonts and don’t pick any which can be considered too fancy. Do this on other documents you are sending as well, like a resume or letter of recommendation, so that they all seem like part of one package. It’s convenient, and also a simple way to draw attention. Under your name, the second line can include your contact details such as email and a phone number.

Next come addressees and the date. Remember to use the proper date format. If you do not know who you should address in your cover letter for customer service position, find out either by checking the job opening or by calling and asking the company.

Greet that same person in your salutation. It’s important that you write a specific name. First of all, it will be easier to pass you cover letter to the person responsible for hiring, and, secondly, it’s a nice touch showing that you are interested in working at this company and it’s not just one of many you are seeking a job at (even if it is). If you fail to find out the name, resort to writing something like “Dear Hiring Manager.” It will still help to navigate your letter to the right person.

After that, you have about three paragraphs to introduce and promote yourself. Preset your skills and achievements in such a way that they are closely connected and show the potential you have for your new employer. See the sample to get the idea of the basic structure and what comes after what. Remember that you only have one page, and it’s advisable that there is some space left when you’re finished.

Best Customer Service Cover Letter

So, hopefully, by now you have an idea how to write a cover letter for customer service that might get you a job. This is a very delicate process, and it’s almost impossible to provide specific instructions that will help anyone get what they need. If you doubt your ability to produce a convincing and well-balanced cover letter or just don’t want to blow your chance, there is always an alternative. Contact our service for writing a professional cover letter, and we will make sure you’ll get the best customer service cover letter you can.

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