A Graphic Design Cover Letter Sample and Tips on Writing One

A Graphic Design Cover Letter Sample and Tips on Writing One

A graphic designer is a position that can be found in all kinds of companies since their online presence requires a person who would deal with designing text and images in various parts of a website, emails they are sending to clients, advertisements, blog publications, and so on.

That’s a simple graphic designer definition for you, but that’s not what you want to know, right? You must be looking for tips on writing a successful cover letter that will get you that job, or even for someone to write it for you. After all, just like graphic design, writing a cover letter that will make you look more fitting for the job than any of your competitors is more than just throwing words on a page.

Resume101 cover letter writing service can take care of business for you, as our experienced writers know how to make a great presentation of you and your graphic design skills. If you are set on doing it yourself and are looking for creative cover letter examples, scroll down, and you will get what you need.

How to Write a Graphic Design Cover Letter

Not everyone understands what a great cover letter for graphic design specialist should be like. It needs to be concise and well balanced. The common rule is that it should fit one page, as you have a resume for more details. In this couple of paragraphs, however, you should convey an image of a person who is professional, passionate about the job, and will be a great addition to the team. Unlike a resume, the tone can be less formal, but just a tad, don’t start your letter by calling your potential employer ‘pal.’

A cover letter for graphic designer job is your chance to be creative while staying within the boundaries of common sense and restrictions this document has. Take a look at this graphic design cover letter sample and see how you can make your cover letter feel like your own.

A Graphic Design Cover Letter Sample
Design Cover Letter Writing Tips

The sample above should give you a general idea of how long a cover letter should be, what components it should have, and what it should be structured like. Now, we’ve got some tips on how to write a graphic design cover letter for you that will point out certain crucial aspects that may not be as obvious.

Name Dropping

If you have worked for a company or a brand your employer may recognize, make sure to mention it, and it works best if there are some achievements you can tie to that. Whether it’s a project or a product you have been involved with, incorporate it into your presentation of yourself. Names stand out on paper, so you will have better chances of being remembered and associated with those.

Consistency in Writing

Don’t change the style of your cover letter whenever you wish. Think of it beforehand and stick to it throughout the whole thing. Recheck your cover letter afterward or ask a friend to have a look so that you are sure your writing is smooth and there are no grammatical or spelling errors.

Skills and Achievements

A cover letter for graphic designer job is no place to be shy, although it shouldn’t look like bragging either. Also, don’t simply list all your skills and things they helped you to achieve, make it a part of your story. Only focus on the most relevant achievements that can demonstrate how you can use that experience for the benefit of the company you want to work at.


Even if you have never worked as a graphic designer before, you will still increase your chances by providing a portfolio so that your employer can see what you’re capable of instead of reading about it. You can provide links to your projects, up to 5, no more, and only the most important ones which you think are relevant to the job. Sometimes it’s better not to have them on your cover letter unless they are absolutely necessary. You can have those examples in your portfolio and attach it instead.

Writing a Job-Winning Graphic Designer Cover Letter

Those are some of the tips, which, combined with a sample we have prepared for you, should help you write a distinguished cover letter to get the job. Just make sure to customize it for a certain addressee and not just send it out to multiple companies. This can be done by starting your cover letter with addressing a particular person responsible for hiring, so try to find out who that is. If you start with “To whom it may concern”, it’s likely to concern no one and get tossed in the trash.

Also, make sure you highlight the skills a specific company has listed in its job description and show how good you are at them with things you achieved. If you need to introduce some changes to your cover letter, rearrange things so that your growth as a graphic designer is evident.

Have good luck applying for that job! And if you feel your cover letter isn’t working despite you having done everything right, our writing experts at Resume101 are always at your service!

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