Free Accountant Cover Letter Example and Valuable Tips

Free Accountant Cover Letter Example and Valuable Tips

Finding a job as an accountant is easy, getting that job is a different thing altogether. Even if you are sure that your skills and experience will help you easily outmaneuver any competitors for the same position, it depends on how well you can describe those advantages in a cover letter for accountant job.

That same obstacle can help you to jump-start your accounting career if you have zero experience in it. Many companies are ready to hire a person without previous employment records in accounting, but you need to have a strong case to convince your potential employer to do that.

How do you write such a compelling cover letter? Well, it’s not an easy feat to do on your own, and that’s why we offer an easier way out. Our service has fantastic writers on its staff, and writing a strong cover letter is what they do all the time. The fact that it’s for an accounting job doesn’t change anything since we have accounting experts on board as well; they know what your potential employer wants to see on your cover letter, and they can make it stand out.

Here are some accounting cover letter samples for you to evaluate whether you want to keep on reading and learn the important details of writing it or just rely on professionals to bother with it.

Accounting Cover Letter Samples

Accounting cover letter sample
Accounting cover letter sample
Accounting Job Description

So what is accounting? There are different definitions, but they all will agree that it’s the process of checking and recording financial information. There are various jobs that are connected with performing these functions, and pretty much every business will require an accountant of sorts. That’s why, to understand what exactly should go on your cover letter, you need to examine an accounting job description very carefully. For this same reason, you cannot just use the same cover letter for different companies, simply swapping the addressee’s and the company’s names.

Skills and Qualifications

The basic set of skills for accounting jobs will be the same, but once again, you should adhere to the job description to see what should be highlighted in your cover letter. Unlike your resume, in this document, you should focus on those skills only, and maybe throw in a few that are not directly mentioned by an employer but could help you look better than your competitors. Whatever they are, it should be very clear to a hiring manager that these skills can be beneficial to their company.

Also, when speaking about your previous achievements, you should follow the same principle and present them in such a manner that they prove you are qualified for that accounting job. Numbers speak best, so if you can, use statistics to showcase the improvements you introduced at your previous jobs. For an accountant, those are either helping the company to save money or offering a way to earn more.

Now, if you have no previous experience, you can focus on your education, certifications, courses, and use it all to back your ambitions and enthusiasm towards working at the company and doing your best. Just make it sound genuine, not too desperate, and not overly excited.

Tips for an Accountant Cover Letter

Let’s go over some tips that applicants tend to ignore even after having read an accountant cover letter example. Yet, a little detail can mean everything, and a hiring manager will not hesitate to toss your cover latter away if it doesn’t feel quite right – some other will.

Be polite and use respectful forms of greeting a hiring manager, addressing him or her by the name. That will show that you at least managed to customize that part and make them feel like having a conversation with you. Also, in the closing part, thank them for dedicating their time to read it and let them know that you are ready to answer any additional questions.

Control the length of your cover letter. It should not need more than one page, and it doesn’t mean it should take the whole page. An accountant is expected to be well organized and keep things in order. There’s no better opportunity to demonstrate that than by your cover letter.

When writing about your skills, certifications, the software you are familiar with, use keywords for an accounting job. Scan the job description for them and include them both in your cover letter and resume. Anything that can tell a hiring manager that you meet the requirements they have for the job.

Finally, proofread your resume and reread the sample one to see whether you got everything right. Ask a friend to read it too and say how it feels. Remember, it should be concise and more personal than a resume. Which, by the way, we can help with that as well if you need one.

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