What to Put on a Resume to Get a Job of Your Dream in 2020

What to Put on a Resume to Get a Job of Your Dream in 2020

Everyone has to find a job. It’s scientifically proven that finding a new job is one of the most stressful things for adults. But don’t get so nervous because HR-specialists from Resume101 know how to help you.

Choose the Appropriate Structure

Let’s start our guide with the structure of your excellent resume. HR-managers won’t spend hours reading thousands of resumes they receive weekly. High-grade HR-managers only look through all these documents. It’s enough for them to decide if a person’s resume fits their vacancy or not. Our first point is to help you to make your resume look easy-to-read for HR-managers. 

But wait a minute! There is one little thing everyone should do before start writing a resume. Why don’t you find good examples? Look for some successful resumes on the Internet to see what should you include in a resume. This way, you will choose the best resume format to highlight all your strengths and personal achievements. 

Before we start talking about things to put on a resume, we also advise choosing the template. There are many kinds of resumes, and it’s important to select the correct template. Our service is here to help you choose a template that will impress employers with your strengths and achievements.

The next step in writing an excellent resume is to choose the necessary format. Resume101 specialists tell that there are four basic resume types. You can use a chronological, combination, targeted, or functional structure for your resume. It depends on your experience and professional skills.

As an experienced HR-managers, we know what to have on a resume to get a certain job. We advise you to write a targeted resume, but what does it mean?

A targeted resume means that it has been written according to the certain vacancy that you want to apply. Our service is your best assistant in writing such types of resumes because we know what HR language means. Write a targeted resume to increase the chances to get a dream job, because an HR-manager will see straight what he or she is looking for when reading your resume!

In addition to the structure, you must pay much attention to the fonts you are using. As we said earlier, HR’s has little time to look through all the resumes, so you have to use easily read fonts. Make sure that a person who will receive your resume could read all needed information quickly.

Content Matters

The next and the most important thing we will speak about is what you will actually write on your resume.

Yes, all the information about the structure is very important. But it’s about to attract an HR-manager. If the first step is done and HR-manager is interested in your resume, the next thing is to get an invitation to the interview.

The main rule is to write only relevant information about your professional experience. Keep in mind that hiring managers spend around 6 seconds on each resume, so write only key information. Such things as ten years old working experience, minor degrees, or old school achievements can only distract from the key points.

Our specialists always help to include the skills, working experience, and achievements that are most relevant for the desired position. We also advise finding more information about the company’s values and requirements for the position to be better prepared for resume writing. Keep in mind that you won’t get a job if you don’t know which skills are required.

Furthermore, you should use active language to highlight the most important skills and achievements. Such power words as “earned,” “completed,” and “achieved” will help the hiring manager to read your resume faster. This lexical lifehack usually helps our clients to get a rapid reply from employers.

One more rule you have to know when writing a resume is to add numbers. You have include numbers that quantify your previous achievements. The importance of these numbers can be vital, so try to quantify your goals as it’s possible. It’s always better to give comprehensive information to the potential employer. All of them like the accuracy and the measurability.

Include Clear Contacts

It’s necessary to put your contacts on a resume to get a response. Include such information as your full name, city, state, street address, and zip code. Don’t forget to add an email address and phone number. 

What is more, we usually advise our clients to attach their professional websites or LinkedIn profiles to the resume. It can be a useful tool to impress the potential employer.

Optimize Your Resume

Nowadays, there are many jobseeking websites. It’s a powerful and effective platform to find a job or an employee. Every site has an artificial intelligence - and algorithm to sort resumes. This algorithm is called to sort millions of resumes into groups to facilitate HR-manager’s work. Then crawling bot scan websites of companies to find the best candidate for their job offer. 

To optimize your resume, you have to do research. Seek for websites of companies in your specialization. Research the website of the company you’d like to apply. Look for the required skills and working experience they need. It’s perfect for finding there a resume example. Consider using the company’s resume example as a template if you want to work in this company.

Tell The Truth

You may sit and ask yourself what should be on a resume. We always answer our customers that it must be only the truth! It may sound obvious, but the lie won’t help you in finding a new job. It will only help you to fail the interview. However, you haven’t lie to yourself too. 

Think twice before sending your resume to dozens of companies. You can be a great professional, and every company needs such an experienced employee like you, but make sure you need this company. Consider personal employment requirements before sending your resume to the hire managers.

Make sure the information given to the company via resume matches the reality. 

Correct The Mistakes 

People usually ask themselves: “Why should I pay someone to write my resume?” We always pay much attention to make sure our clients receive clear documents without any mistakes. If you write a resume, you must proofread it and edit grammar and vocabulary errors. Consider doing a self-check several times to make your resume 100% clear.

In addition to the words, don’t forget to check all the numbers, including dates of your studying, previous job experience, and professional achievements.

Proofreading and editing sound easy, but actually can be hard to cope with, that’s why proofreading is our default option for every client.

Additional Information     

What does additional information mean? Employers are looking not only for the best professionals but also for good people. Hire managers today pay much attention to the candidate’s personality. Some employers want to know more about you. That’s why we usually advise adding information about your character, hobbies, interests, and activities. 

A few lines about your life outside the workplace will be fine to let the employer know more about you before your interview. Attention, don’t write a long essay about your past life. We are sure it would be not impressive.

Monitor and Network

“So what should I do after creating my resume?” The next step after the resume writing is monitoring. Post your resume to the jobseeking websites and social networks such as LinkedIn.

You should also research wanted vacancies or companies you would like to apply and send your resume via email. Make sure you have added your email address to get a reply.

Don’t forget to check all the networks and websites daily or better twice a day. It’s important to react fast if you want to increase the chances to get this job!   

The Final Word To Say

To sum up, we would like to remind you that our purpose is to help our customers get the dream job! Follow our instructions if you want to write an exceptional resume. Resume101 is called to offer you professional assistance in writing top-quality CV and resumes. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get more useful advice!

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