Why a Business Development Manager Resume Requires Unique Approach

Why a Business Development Manager Resume Requires Unique Approach

Many people believe that there is a standard resume example which allows getting a job in any company. With it, all you need to do is use such a template, fill the required information in each section, and send it to a recruiter. In a few days or maybe a week, you will receive an answer and get an invitation to an interview.  

A resume standard does exist, and most recruiters expect to get a CV from candidates following these generally accepted principles. However, one should take into account that despite the format of a resume, the visual component, there is also a content component, what exactly a candidate says about his or her work experience, skills, and personal qualities.

A general resume format is only the first step which may guarantee, at best, that your letter of application does not get labeled as “not matched”. To catch the attention of a prospective employer, one has to provide information an employer is looking for. Depending on a position, such information may vary significantly. Hence, one has to follow a specific approach to create a business development resume that will 100% correspond to all the employer’s expectations and requirements. To help you with writing such a job-winning resume, we have conducted research, analyzing the top 50 of the most successful resumes. And now we are pleased to provide you with the best business development manager resume template.      

How to Write a Good Business Development Manager Resume

To write a great resume, you need to begin with the basics. The following things must be included in your job application.

Contact Information

Provide only a professional email address. For some positions, the email address which contains some fancy words may work but not when you are a business development manager. Also, indicate your phone number and a current location. You may include your desire for relocation in a cover letter, do not write about it here.

Professional Summary

In a brief manner, write about your greatest achievements. This section should be short, and you need to share the experience which is the most relevant and interesting to a prospective employer.

Work Experience

Tell about all the experience that you have but mention only those pieces of information which concern business development management.


Since the position you are applying to predetermines the specific degree and education, never leave this section blank. That’s probably one of the first things that your employer will pay attention to. The educational facility where you studied may tell a lot about your basic knowledge and skills.

Business Skills

All the skills that you have can be subdivided into two categories: hard and soft skills. The category of hard skills includes all professional things that you can do on a position of a business development manager, while soft skills are about your personal qualities and teamworking.

Hard Skills

  • Hubspot
  • SEO
  • Outbound Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Data Analysis
  • Strategy

Soft Skills

  • Leadership
  • Decision Making
  • Adaptability and Flexibility
  • Time Management
  • Team-working
  • Creativity
  • Public Speaking
  • Verbal and Written Communication

Honours and Awards

If you gained any kind of awards due to your outstanding work, do not hesitate to add such a section in your resume. That will be a huge advantage over other candidates and only increase your value as an employee.

Conferences and Courses

Despite the fact that the Education section has already been included in your resume, do not miss a chance to mention any professional courses that you have attended. There cannot be too much knowledge, and your strive for learning more will not be left unnoticed.


There is no need to say that you can speak the same language as your employer. That will be hardly considered as a virtue, but if you understand at least one foreign language, that will add weight to your resume. Mention only those foreign languages which you can use to share your thoughts freely. Do not indicate a language, in which you cannot say even a couple of sentences without a dictionary.    

To see how all these sections should be written, we have prepared this business resume example for you. It will allow you to see all these pieces of advice that we have prepared for you in a real resume more clearly.
business development manager resume

business development manager resume sample

The Bottom Line and the Final Tip

The business resume template provided above will help you to write a professional resume that will correspond to all the employer’s requirements and expectations. However, keep in mind that all the facts that you tell about yourself should be accurate and not exaggerated. Trying to demonstrate yourself in a better light may have an opposite effect. Your employer may view it as dishonesty which is much worse than the absence of a particular skill or having not enough knowledge in a certain field.

We all can write that we are the best professionals ever in our resumes, and that will allow us getting an interview. But you can be sure, that during a talk with your employer, he or she will try to test whether the words you provided in your resume are true. And once your little exaggeration is uncovered, you may forget about a job in this company. So, just keep balance and do not go too far in adding some charm to your resume so that it does not have unpleasant consequences for you.

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