Write a Letter of Resignation. A Simple Guide 2020

Write a Letter of Resignation. A Simple Guide 2020

Guide How to Write a Letter of Resignation and Even More

There are many reasons why employees decide to resign and start looking for a new position. Some of them are low salaries, relocation to another country, lack of growth, health problems, and other personal reasons. Numerous motives make people leave their job. 

If you decide to resign, it is necessary to write a letter of resignation. It is a document announcing your intention to leave a job. It is a written proof of your decision to quit working in a company. More than that, properly written paper is a guarantee that you will receive the promised benefits and necessary documents for the further application. 

Don't Know How to Write a Resignation Letter? -  The Following Advice Will Help You

How to address a resignation letter.

It is great when employees have friendly relations with their bosses and call them by the first names. Such a format of working relationships is quite common. When a person decides to leave a job, it is necessary to provide some documents where formal language is a must. It will be a little bit strange to read “Dear James” in the resignation letter, better start “Dear Mr. Smith”. 

Clearly express an intention to leave a position

Workers sometimes choose a confusing manner when informing about their intention to quit. A boss may misunderstand your message and think that you wish to get a higher salary or a better position. So, in order to avoid confusion, be clear when writing a resignation letter. You should sound confident when expressing an intention to leave.

Remember about a two-week period

It is important to give your boss at least a two-week period to find a new worker. If you occupy a top position, this period of time could be extended because there is a need to train a new candidate who will replace you.

Let your boss know the reason for the dismissal

You can find a lot of opinions on whether to specify the reason for the dismissal or not.  An employee is not obliged to inform why he decided to leave. If a worker feels really unhappy in a company, there is no need to provide details of dismissal in a letter of resignation. 

If you have a trusting relationship with your boss, it is better to state a reason why you plan to leave a current place of employment. 

Thank a company for the obtained experience

We hope that you don't want to leave the impression of an ungrateful staff member. It is better to thank a company for the gained experience. You may speak about the positive influence of work on your skills and career growth. In case you don't think an employer deserves some kind words you are free to stay silent. 

Finish a letter positively to make the best resignation letter

Try to make the end of a resignation letter positive. Leave your contact information in case a company needs your help or advice. In the end, one can write something like “Kind regards” or “Wish you all the best”. 

Two Types of Letters of Resignation

There are resignation letters with the notice period and without it. What is the difference between them and which one to choose? Let's answer these questions. 

It can happen so that you want to dismiss immediately. A resignation letter without a notice period will help with it. Of course, it is not the best variant for the future working reputation, but if there is no other way out, this document can help to inform an employer about a dismissal.

You want to leave your job urgently, then read the following rules:

Initiate an urgent talk with your boss

You need to leave the company immediately. The first thing to do is to initiate an urgent talk with your boss or a head of the department. Explain the reasons for such a hasty decision. They can be problems with health and other unforeseen circumstances. An employer will be unpleasantly surprised to know about your intentions to leave. Try to assure the head of a company that you have no choice and you are ready to provide help if it is needed. 

Send a letter of resignation

Even being in a hurry to quit your work, it is necessary to write a resignation letter, although it doesn’t include a particular notice period. It might help to save your reputation as an employee. 

If you wish to dismiss appropriately, it is necessary to observe a notice period. It is time from the moment when you has informed about a wish to leave a position and to a final day of work in a company. It is necessary to observe a notice period because of many reasons, and some of them are: 

  • to give time to your boss to find the right candidate for your position;
  • if it is needed, you can be a mentor and train a new staff member;
  • to save the reputation of a reliable worker. You may wonder why do I need doing it if I am going to quit? An answer is simple - your future employer may be interested in your working background and can ask a previous company for feedback. So, there is a risk not to be hired because of the bad reputation. It is better to take care of your professional reputation beforehand, in order not to regret in the future. 

Keep in mind that there are several kinds of notice periods. They can vary from three days up to one month. 

Main Elements of a Notice Period Resignation Letter

Keep in mind that every resignation letter should include:

  • personal details of a person, who plans to dismiss
  • the date of submitting a letter
  • an addressee. It should be written at the top of a document
  • the body of the letter should include the reason for resignation and the date of the last day on the current position
  • your contact information
  • an employees signature

It is possible to cancel a simple resignation letter if an employee has changed his mind. Just remember that it has to be done before the final day of the employment. In case a working place has already been occupied by a new applicant, it would be impossible to reverse your decision to leave a job. 

Sample of a Resignation Letter

If you have doubts that you can cope with writing an ideal document for dismissing, look at this resignation letter sample. 

resignation letter sample

Tips to Hand in the Letter of Resignation

It is always hard to leave a job. Employees usually have a lot of worries and don't want to leave a bad impression on their bosses. In reality, there is no need to worry. A professional manager understands that employees have a wish to experience something new in their careers, and that's why they search for new opportunities. 

If you feel that it is high time to notify a head of the department or a manager about your intention to quit, take into account the following tips. 

Choose the Right Moment

If you know that your boss has a hectic day and there is a lot of routine work to do, it is not the right moment to hand a resignation letter. Wait for several days and pick the most suitable time for a serious conversation. More than that, a boss or manager has to be in a good mood. It increases the chances to resolve the issues peacefully. 

Hand a Letter in Person

Some prefer to inform about a decision to dismiss by email, but it is not the best way. It is recommended to hand a letter of resignation in person. An eye-to-eye talk is much better and will help to avoid misunderstandings. You will be able to explain your decision to quit and explain the reasons. A boss has to be confident that you are ready to fulfill your duties during the notice period. 

Provide a Longer Notice Period

Be the real professional and provide a more extended notice period. It will help to save the reputation of a trustworthy and responsible employee. More than that, you will give more time to a company's management to find a new staff member. 

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