Capital One Review by

Capital One Review by

What is Capital One?

Capital One is a bank-holding company which the main sphere of operation is credit cards, banking, and auto loans. The company was founded in 1994 by Richard Dana Fairbank

who owns Capital One by this day. The company has a significant market share and is ranked as the top 10 largest banks based on deposits. It occupies the 98th place on the Fortune 500. The company’s revenue is 500 billion per year. In 2018, over 75% of the Capital One revenue was from credit cards. It is also the second largest auto finance company in the United States. A career in the company like this will give a significant boost for professional growth for specialists of many professions. Continue reading this Capital One review and find out what benefits it offers to the team and what its present and former employees think about the company. 

Careers and Jobs

If you are thinking about a career in Capital One, you will be glad to know that the company is open for professionals of different specialties. On the official website, you can visit the Capital One jobs page, where you may find vacancies of 24 different categories. Currently, there are available 1474 job offers. The good news is that there are no couple of leading categories and the majority of vacancies are subdivided among 10 categories such as Product Management, Project Management, Strategy, People & Workplace, Engineering, Data Science, Analytics and some others. So, no matter what position you have, there is a high chance that a specialist like you is currently wanted. 

Capital One hires employees in five countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Philippines, and India, though the vast majority of experts is required in the United States. 

To apply for a job, select the vacancy you are interested in, click the apply now button, and complete the brief form when you need to mention your name, email address, location, and phone number. If a position you are looking for is currently not available, you can sign up for job alerts and receive notifications once such a position will be required again. 


Corporate Benefits

Capital One Online Banking Company strives for supporting each member of its large team. They are focusing on the physical, emotional, and financial help of all its employees without distinction of location, position, or time spent in the company. The company’s coverage is not limited only by its employees but also refers to spouses and domestic partners.  

Employees Feedback 

On Glassdoor, Capital One got 3.8 out of 5 rating with over 7,000 reviews from employees. 74% of those people who left reviews recommend this company to their friends. So, what do employees of Capital One think of this place of work? 


  • lots of travel opportunity;
  • great and talented people;
  • excellent benefits;
  • corporate culture is amazing;
  • competitive salary.


  • bad work-life balance;
  • micro-management requires improvements.

How to Get Job in Capital One? 

To get a job in the Capital One Banking company, you need to have a perfect resume. The standard approach, such as downloading a free sample on the Internet and filling the empty fields, will hardly impress recruiters from such a large international company. Just imagine that having almost 15 hundred vacancies on the site, Capital One receives hundreds or even thousands of resume daily from people all over the world. So, if you decide to act like this, your chances for success are quite low. 

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