Looking for Air Canada Review? Discover the truth about this company here!

Looking for Air Canada Review? Discover the truth about this company here!

Many students and even post-graduates find it very difficult to choose a job. This is due to the fact that a person does not understand the characteristics of his personality and finds it difficult to decide which work will suit him best. Besides, it happens that the work you have chosen may not correspond to most of the skills you have. Consequently, it becomes difficult for you to develop as a professional in a company, and as a result, you get a feeling that you lack something in your life. However, finding the job of your dreams is quite real.

Most companies are constantly looking for talented and promising employees. And this is the mutual process since both parties are equally interested in the result. So, before starting your search, think about which company you would like to work for. Are you attracted by large corporations or companies of medium and small business? Remember your childhood dreams about where you wanted to work. By answering these questions, you can move on and start searching for a suitable employer. Today you will find out about one of the best companies to work for in Canada. Read the Air Canada reviews just here!

The Air Canada Employee Brief History

Air Canada is the national carrier of Canada, as well as the largest airline in Canada, both in terms of the size of its fleet and the number of passengers it carries.

This Canadian company dates back to 1937. At that time, the company had a name Trans-Canada Airlines (TCA) and it was changed only in 1964. The headquarters was located in Winnipeg until 1949, in the same year, it moved to Montreal where it continues to be active to this day.

Imagine that today the airline’s route network includes about 190 destinations. Subsidiaries of Air Canada Cargo, Air Canada Express and Air Canada Rouge are engaged in the carriage of goods and flights between small cities.

There are 10000+ employees who work in this company, and the overall revenue is $10+ billion (USD) per year. Agree, this is one of the reasons why you may want to get the Air Canada job. It is worth noting that Air Canada is one of the founders of the prestigious aviation alliance called Star Alliance, and is also among the 10 largest airlines in the world.

The Air Canada Hiring Pros and Cons


  • The company's main office is located in the 7-store YUL Dorval campus building. Almost every workplace has a breathtaking view from the window and is equipped with modern technological devices and comfortable furniture.
  • Also, there is a medical clinic and a restroom. Those who work in the company have an opportunity to visit the gym, which is provided only for employees.
  • There is an opportunity to attend unique training programs, internships, language training (English and French). The employees may also enjoy the opportunity to receive a subsidy of 50% for exemplary programs that are not related to the current position.
  • The company cooperates with charitable organizations, so employees can volunteer and participate in different charity programs.
  • The salary of each employee is reviewed every 12 months. All employees and immediate family have discounts for the services provided by the company.


  • The procedure for obtaining vacations and days-off depends on the current position and varies from a group of employees.
  • The rating system for the effectiveness of company employees is reviewed every 4 months.

According to numerous reviews about the company, the positive sides prevail over the negative. If you really want to constantly evolve, be ready for continuous improvement of professional activities and move up the career ladder, then you should definitely think about getting employment in this place.

The Air Canada Review Summary

The company's mission is to connect Canada with other points of the world. Therefore, if these words for you are not just a set of letters, but exactly what you like, then you need to become a part of this company.

Air Canada jobs give the possibility of professional activity for all tastes, ranging from managers and customer service. It is worth noting the fact that the majority of management positions are held by women in this company. Moreover, 6.5 percent of all air pilots in this company are females.

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It can be summarized that this company is a worthy choice if you are looking for employment in Canada. The employer is rapidly improving working conditions for employees, and also provides good support for all newcomers. So you should not be afraid to start your career with this company, as you will be provided with moral support and help in the new workplace.

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